10 of Calgary’s Top Chefs Will Cook Dinner for the Homeless on Monday

On Monday, November 23, 10 of Calgary’s top chefs will join forces to cook meals for regular guests of The Mustard Seed Foothills homeless shelter.

The dishes will feature healthy, locally grown and produced foods, albeit pared down in opulence compared to the chefs’ regular creations.

“We work together all the time to build a strong culinary community in the city, but projects like this make us proud to work together on meaningful meals that bring to light the important issues around hunger,” said John Jackson, Chef and Co-owner of Charcut Roast House. “It may just be our most meaningful project of the year.”

The following chefs will participate in the initiative:

Charcut Roast House & Charbar:
Chef & Co-Owners John Jackson & Connie DeSousa

Rouge Restaurant:
Chef & Co-Owner Paul Rogalski & Jamie Harling

Shokunin Resturant:
Chef/Owner Darren Maclean

The Derrick Gin Mill & Kitchen:
Chef Marc Andre Bourgeois

The Selkirk Grille:
Chef Sean Cutler

Chef Ronnie Gillman & Peter Kyriazis

Yellow Door Bistro/ Hotel Arts:
Chef Jan Hansen

Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance chairman Fraser Abbott anticipates that the event’s benefit will transcend the evening. “It is our hope that while our attendees enjoy the meal prepared by the chefs, broader conversations will look past the immediacy of the dinner to the enormity of the issues around food,” Abbott said. “This collaborative event should spark great discussion and initiatives on building accessible food systems in Alberta.”