10 Mouth-Watering Summerlicious Dishes We’re Dying to Try

With restaurants popping up all the time in Toronto, trying to keep track of your faves is practically a full-time job.

This task gets even trickier during Summerlicious. With hundreds of amazing restos offering tantalizing prix fixe menus, it’s no surprise that this is one of the busiest times of year for foodies and chefs alike. The hottest spots book up fast, so you better make that reservation ASAP.

Not sure where to pick? Here are some of our must-try dishes for Summerlicious 2016.

Cheeseburger Taco at Beaumont Kitchen
What happens when a cheeseburger and a taco love each other very much? They make a beautiful fusion baby in the form of this creative dish. Swapping the tortilla for a loksha potato wrap and topped with sour cream, sautéed onions and sweet peppers, this fast food-inspired meal is sure to please.

Image 2 - CheeseburgerTaco

Fried Chicken & Cornbread Waffle at America
It doesn’t get much more American than fried chicken and waffles. The classic Southern treat is accompanied by some pickled watermelon and birch syrup for that great sweet and savoury flavour combo everybody loves.

Image 3 - America - Fried Chicken & Cornbread - Credit - Shiori Mine

Photo: Shiori Mine

Salmon Tartare at Bent
East meets west in this yummy appetizer. Plus, a cold tartare is the perfect antidote to the hot and humid Toronto summer weather. This one, courtesy of Bent, is topped with edamame, avocado, tempura, a sesame miso emulsion, and a lotus chip.

Image 4 - Salmon - Credit - Bent via Insta

Image: Bent via Instagram

Pork Tenderloin at Biff’s Bistro
Sometimes you’re in the mood for a classic meal done right. Lucky for you, these herb and mustard crusted pork tenderloin medallions are the perfect pick. Served with a side of spätzle, lentils, and onion rings, you definitely won’t leave hungry.

Image 5 - Biff's Bistro - Pork Tenderloin - Photo by Cindy La

Photo: Cindy La

Branzino at Ufficio
You can’t go to a pescatarian restaurant like Ufficio and NOT order the fish – that’s basically sacrilege. This grilled European sea bass comes with cannellini and escarole ragu, cucumber, and fennel to round out the meal.

Image 6 -Branzino Ufficio via Facebook

Image: Ufficio via Facebook

Grilled Octopus at Luma
If you’re a calamari lover looking to step a little outside your comfort zone, you absolutely need to try this appetizer. This satisfying starter comes with broccoli, almond and focaccia salad, and is topped with preserved lemon and a harissa dressing.

Image 7 - Luma - Octopus - Photo by Cindy La

Photo: Cindy La

Chicken Adobo at Lamesa
Fun fact: this tasty meal of vinegar braised chicken thighs is the national dish of the Philippines. At Lamesa, they give them a sear and top them with soy vinegar jus, confit garlic, chimichurri, and a side of broccolini. SO good.

Image 8 - Lamesa via insta

Image: Lamesa via Instagram

Truffle Mac & Cheese at Prohibition Gastrohouse
When they say this is Toronto’s best mac & cheese, they’re not kidding around. With five types of cheese, black truffles, fresh herbs, shallots, and a biscuit crust, this dish is not your mama’s mac –  but we think you’ll love it just the same.

Image 9 - TorontoLife - Credit - Gabby Frank

Photo: Gabby Frank, via Toronto Life

Lobster Bisque at Nota Bene
There’s nothing quite like a standout lobster bisque. Smooth and creamy, it’s decadent without feeling like you’ll need to unbutton your pants afterwards. Nota Bene’s version features coconut milk, crab, and chili for a dose of heat.

Image 10 - Lobster - Via Notabene Twitter

Image: Nota Bene via Twitter

“Elvis in a Jar” from Lisa Marie
This dish is the ultimate cheat-day treat. Brioche French toast with zabaglione, brown sugar, bananas, peanut butter, whipped cream, and candied bacon. Because why not?

Image 11 - Elvis - Via Insta

Image: Lisa Marie via Instagram