10 European Islands You Have to Visit Before You Die

If it seems like everyone on your Facebook feed is cold chilling in European Islands this summer it’s because they actually are.

From the revamped and trendy island of Mykonos to the serene and beautiful Corsica, European islands have become the go-to summer destinations for millennials all over the world.

So where should you be planning your next trip? Well, here are 10 European islands you have to check out before you see your own sunset…


Mykonos, Greece
Everyone and their uncle is in Mykonos, Greece this summer. Whether it’s the great prices, new hotspots like Scorpios, or its beautiful beaches, one thing is for sure; Mykonos is the hotspot in 2015.



Sicily, Italy
It may be the home of a lot of renowned mafia leaders, but this beautiful island is full of nature. And its crystal-clear waters and gorgeous colours have helped it jump in popularity over the past few years.


Malta has it all. From prehistoric temples to incredible hidden coves, the sights and activities here are endless.


Majorca, Spain
Majorca is the largest island in the Balearics and is full of gorgeous beach resorts perfect for water activities and stunning caves that can be visited and admired by boat or on foot.



Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza continues to be the choice island for those that want to dance their day and night away. Known for hosting the world’s top DJs, Ibiza is host to some of the world’s best parties and hottest crowds.

View of Cala d'Hort Beach, Ibiza

Santorini, Greece
Known for it’s stunning sunsets and sunrises, this romantic island is full of world class wine, volcanic rock beaches, and views that will flood your Instagram with more likes than you can handle.


Island of Capri, Italy
From swimming in the Blue Grotto to smelling the plethora of lemon trees, Capri’s picturesque cliffs, views, and waters continue to make it one of the most popular destination spots in Europe.



Corsica, France
If you’re a beach lover, then Corsica is the place for you. A wonderful island where you can visit mountains, bays, seaside villages, and historic chalets.



Madeira, Portugal
The natural beauty of this island gives nature lovers the perfect vacation spot. From magical cliffs to breath-taking mountain summits, Madeira is spectacular in all its natural glory.



Jersey, Channel Islands
If you’ve never heard of Jersey, you’re not alone. But the largest and southernmost of the Channel Islands (resting between England and France) offers stunning beaches and an impressive record for sunshine.

Channel Islands Jersey Mont Orgyueil Castle Gorey