10 Amazing Tents That Will Make You Want to Go Camping This Summer

For some people, camping is more like a form of torture than a pleasant way to connect with the Great Canadian Wilderness. (Which is we already gave you the best places to go glamping this summer.)

But even if you don’t always like to call the great outdoors your home, these are the kind of tents that are so amazing they’ll make you reconsider.

From solar powered to suspended above the ground, you should definitely try to catch a few zzzs in one of these this summer.


1. Dre Wapenaar Suspended Tents
If you’re paranoid about bears, you can feel better sleeping in the air in a dew drop-shaped hanging tree tent. The brainchild of Dutch designer and sculptor Dre Wapenaar, these tents were originally created for a group of environmental activists who would protest deforestation and live up in the trees in the process.

2. The Heimplanet Cave
The Heimplanet Cave is essentially an inflatable dome that’s actually pretty sturdy and easy to set up for those of us who couldn’t pitch a tent to save our lives.

3. The Decagon
If you’re making a party out of a camping trip (and want some cool Instagram shots), you may want to invest in The Decagon by Logos Outdoors. Essentially, it’s a structure of different tents and tunnels that can be connected to create a limitless number of rooms.

4. Tentstile Tree Tent
The three-person Tentstile Tree Tent is another enticing off-the-ground tent option. This year, the company revealed different models of its hammock-like suspended tent structures. And for every tent purchased, the company plants three trees.

5. The Under Cover Camper
The Under Cover Camper may just be the best addition to your next music festival. The two-person tent is simple but stylish, and easy to assemble.

6. The Cocoon Tree Tent
The Cocoon Tree Tent takes the whole suspended tent trend a step further with a built-in bed. The spherical tent isn’t the easiest to set up, but once you do, it’s designed to call home for more than just a weekend.

7. The Orange Solar Tent
For those of us who can’t part with our devices for a weekend in the wilderness, The Orange Solar Tent gathers energy via its outer cover, which can be accessed from a charging point inside the tent.

8. The Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Tent Trailer
If your idea of a road trip involves a bicycle, you can save on hotel costs with the Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Tent Trailer, which easily rides along behind you. Inside the tent is a cot with a storage unit below.

9. The Tree House Camping Tent
If you’re partial to corks and are in the market for an environmentally friendly option, the Tree House Camping Tent should be your shelter of choice. It’s the product of a collaborative design project with the focus of creating a tent that was environmentally-friendly and made from 100 per cent sustainable material – and, well, it looks just like a cork.

10. VW Camper Van Tent
Are we the only ones who’ve dreamed about running away and living in a VW Bus? Well, you (kind of) can now. The timeless road trip vehicle is recreated in tent form and sleeps up to four people.