Zara’s “Love Your Curves” Campaign Has No Love For Curves

Zara’s “Love Your Curves” campaign features two young models with absolutely no curves. This campaign illustrates perfectly why women with hips and thighs get #bodypositive on social media instead.

Many Millennial women grew up with no real body representation in pop culture or advertising campaigns, when Shakira and Beyoncé were the only two young women “with hips”. Today there are so many women who inspire with how they love their bodies — women like Iskra Lawrence, Nadia Aboulhosn, Barbie Ferreira, Dounia, and Ashley Graham — that Zara’s campaign is actually just irrelevant.

Zara isn’t hurting curvy girls with this tone deaf campaign, it’s hurting the Zara brand.

To be clear, the fault of this campaign doesn’t belong to the models. Their bodies are fine, it’s equally irrelevant that they don’t have curves as the campaign is altogether. The fault lies with the multiple layers of decision-makers at Zara and their creative agency who overlooked the mixed messaging, or chose not to progress alongside the rest of society to become truly #bodypositive.

Either Zara doesn’t actually want to promote body positivity, or they need a more conscious brand director to oversee the Zara brand messaging more critically.

For now, I’d rather love my curves with Iskra.



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