The Yogi to the Stars Shares His Secrets to Finding Balance

Known around L.A. as “Yogi to the stars”, Yogi Cameron believes Millennials suffer from an overload of toxic stimulation and Ayurveda is the best medicine.

Ayurveda may be the best thing you never knew you were missing. The system of knowledge views the balancing of mind, body and spirit as the key to holistic well-being. From the combination of the five elements of the universe – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Space – Ayurveda recognizes three doshas, or energies that describe our physical and mental states.

For Yogi Cameron, Ayurveda has been truly life-altering.

The former supermodel (who appeared in Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ music video) turned Ayurvedic expert is known as the yogi to the stars in L.A. (he’s even made appearances on his friend Ellen’s “little” show). We caught up with him last month when he was in town as a keynote speaker for the Tetley TEA Talks event. The event celebrated the launch of Tetley’s new line of Ayurvedic Balance Teas with TED Talks-style symposium on Ayurveda with experts from North America.

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He offered a few tips to stay balanced at a time when most New Year’s resolutions have all but gone out the window.

What is the biggest misconception when it comes to meditation?
That it is easy and it only takes a few minutes a day. Meditation is a state of being you arrive at once you have done other practices to prepare your body and mind. This is what the path of yoga is; to balance the body and mind and then to have spiritual experiences like meditation.

What is the single most toxic thing in the life of today’s millennials?
Too much stimulation; too many electronics, junk food and junk entertainment. It’s all very toxic to the body and mind.

What are the most basic three things people can do every day to achieve balance?
Move slower, eat slower and speak slower. All this will make the mind think slower and have less damaging thoughts.

What podcasts should we be listening to, to help the whole balance cause?
There’s a lot of great content and resources on my website and Facebook page. We really get to the bottom of all the health and wellness people have these days, so it’s great to have real actionable answers to everyday challenges.

Are there any foods you rely on to achieve a sense of calm?
My essential foods are ghee with whole milk and a little raw honey. This is very calming to the mind. I’m also loving Tetley’s new Ayurvedic Balance teas; they’re really geared towards helping you find balance on a daily basis.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start yoga for the first time?
Before you start look around and see what kind of yogic path you feel drawn to. Make sure it helps you to balance your life and do it consistently.

Is there a morning ritual everyone should follow?
 In my new book The Yogi Code, the very first practice I teach is for you to step out of bed on the same foot (side) that corresponds to the nostril that is more open. Stand on that foot and take 3-7 breaths. This aligns your inner energy with the universal energy outside and starts your day with much more energy.

How would your life look had you not discovered yoga?
I would probably be wondering around not knowing what my purpose in life is.

What is the biggest career highlight to date?
On the yogic path just waking up in the morning is a highlight. Everything else in life is just extra.