Trivago’s New State-of-the-Art Campus is What Office Dreams Are Made Of

Trivago, a company that once hired an on-set Indiana Jones to promote its service in what has become a cult classic commercial, has grown to boast one of the most badass offices in Europe.

Soon, anyway.

The hotel booking service has expanded over 200 per cent since 2012 and now employs a multinational team of 950 people. This team, of course, needs a place to work, so Trivago is currently developing a campus that is set to open in 2018.

“We thought about moving people into the basement, but decided that building a campus might be a slightly better idea,” says Founder, Managing Director, and very kind gentleman Rolf Schrömgens.

It will feature 280,000 square feet of space over six stories on the docks of the Düsseldorf Media Harbour, which is home to several buildings by renowned Canadian architect Frank Gehry.

By the company’s own admission, it’s pretty rad:

All photos courtesy of SOP Architekten/Trivago.