Just Opened: The Construction Site

We made our way up to midtown for lunch at The Construction Site a day after its launch on November 23. It’s a good thing we waited an extra day, because apparently lineups were out the door between 11am and 2pm on the day it opened.

The cozy spot on the southwest corner of Yonge and Eglinton is one of those one-hit-wonder restaurants that focuses solely on one menu item and does it to perfection. In this case, it’s everyone’s childhood favourite, grilled cheese.

But that’s not to say that their menu is sparse. The Construction Site offers creative variations of the classic sandwich, from Cambozola with Maple Candied Walnuts and Currants on Golden Honeyed Flax to Swiss with Truffled Oyster Mushrooms on Parmesan Crusted French White (funghi, pictured below).

Toppings for grilled cheese sandwichesThe funghi sandwich arrived melted to perfection on a bed of rosemary potato chips and side of delicious chutney.  The bread may as well have been baked in an on-site wood-fire oven it was so fresh. To drink, we recommend the sugar cane cola.

Perhaps the best part is that the menu changes every week. But rather than having the chef decide, new menu items will be chosen based on customer favourites. At the end of every month, the lowest selling item on the menu is replaced by the best selling special that was run for that month. This month’s special? Asiago fresco and prosciutto.

Swiss funghi sandwich

To make the customer experience even more personalized, The Construction Site allows you to choose the music. Simply send them a tweet @grldradio with your song choice after the word play and it will be broadcast almost instantly. 

Co-founders Bernie and Cobi plan to consistently shuffle the menu and offer unique twists on this seemingly simple meal. Plans for exotic cheeses and ambitious flavour combinations are already in the works, and we’re already planning our next visit.

Construction Site Co-Owner Cobi Druxerman