Instagram is Finally Going to Let You Switch Between Multiple Accounts (Without Signing Out)

Brand managers and social kings and queens can now Instagram peacefully as the days of painfully logging in and out of multiple Instagram accounts are behind us.

Instagram recently announced that it’s officially launching multi-account support inside the photo sharing social app.

According to Adweek, the company has been testing the new feature on Android and iOS for months.

Now users can maintain more than one account on the same device, which is fantastic news if you run your work’s Instagram and your personal account from your own phone. Or have two personal accounts. Or just hate when technology doesn’t keep up with the times.

According to the company’s blog it’s really simple to make the change to your account, all that’s required is that your phone is currently running on version 7.15.

To make this magic happen all you need to do is go to your profile settings and add an additional account. You can also add up to five different accounts.

From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts (if you’ve done it on Twitter you get the drill). Once you have multiple accounts added your profile photo will appear in places throughout the app, which will allow you to never lose track of which account is active.

But make sure to double check what account is logged in, as you probably don’t want to upload a photo of you doing shots at the bar onto your work account.

Instagram hasn’t given an exact release date of when account switching will appear to iOS and Android, other than saying it’ll arrive sometime ‘this week’.