StriveLife: Training for Every Athletic Level

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Founders Ryan Caicco and Martin Reader are former professional athletes living their message. Taking a grassroots approach towards approachable movement for multi-level life athletes, the STRIVE model was built in Toronto’s parks. STRIVE has a physical location now, but our method remains: sweat in a community that inspires each other.


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Strive Life is a community-based fitness and wellness program. You are not an individual member of a fitness class; you are a part of a team. Our athletic training method is designed to provide you with the tools to live your best life with balance.

Each 60-minute Strive session begins with a 30-minute Movement Fusion warm-up to help you refine your coordination, posture, core strength and more. We complete these exercises together, moving continuously so you’ll never get bored. This also prepares your body for next 30 minutes of conditioning. This combination of physical and mental preparation and practice is intended to help life athletes of all levels and goals.

Strive Life extends beyond ‘The Athletic House’ to include Toronto’s biggest community workouts through our Social Sweat Editions, wellness initiatives, charitable events and collaborations with our growing team of community partners.

We’re here to make moving fun, the vibe is contagious – come STRIVE with us!

Address: 849 Adelaide Street West