Design Love: 11 of the Best Office Spaces in Canada

Environment is everything.

Gone are the days of the closed cubicle and grey, drabby office chairs. More than ever, companies are investing in work spaces that are not only visually pleasing, but also motivate and encourage their employees to be creative and help the business thrive.

From yoga sessions at the office to communal work spaces filled with greenery, we scoured Canada to find 11 of the coolest office spaces to inspire your current and future office space design.


Workplace One, Toronto
This is so much better then working from home. Their offices offer private and shared spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual office solutions. Talk about being Pintrest worthy. Designed by Strati.


RB Canada, Ontario
Home to the Marketing & Sales behind a plethora of brands, this is a bright and light-filled space that’s not only uplifting, it’ll also get those creative juices flowing.
Designed by


BICOM, Montreal
PR powerhouse BICOM decided to turn their office space into a creative village filled with offices resembling homes and village squares. All that’s missing is an ice cream shop and fountain. Designed by Jean De Lessard.


Red Bull, Toronto
The energy drink’s Toronto digs has some serious wings…and much more. This isn’t just an office space, it’s also a destination for some of the coolest gatherings around town; just look at that bar. Designed by Johnson Chou.


Shopify, Toronto
90 workstations, reception & retail shop, boardroom, 3 large meeting rooms, 6 small meeting rooms, 2 phone booths, cafeteria, kitchen & cafe, gallery, games room, break-out and informal work areas. E-commerce never looked so good. Designed by MSDS Studio.


SSENSE – Montreal
Taking over an entire floor of a former textile factory, the SSENSE office is everything an avant-garde fashion workspace dreams of being.


Lululemon, Vancouver

Designed by Gustavson Wylie Architects Inc.

Zen. This one word pretty much describes the serenity of the Yoga giant’s beautiful Vancouver space. Yoga classes included.


IQmetrix, Vancouver
These guys got it right when they decided their Café and Lounge would be the main focus of their workspace, allowing for open collaboration, communication, and socializing.


Sticks and Stones, Kelowna
A design firm that designed their own office space right. Talk about giving yourself a pat on the back.


Ubisoft, Toronto
There are no walls and barriers here as most of the space has been left open to encourage communication. Milton and his stapler would be fine here. Designed by SDI Design.


MediaCore, Victoria
Friendly and vibrant, what every office space should have on their interior design list.


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