A Toronto Chef is Baking Up Batches of Marijuana Macarons

There was a line Adam Sandler memorably said in the otherwise forgettable movie The Hot Chick: “you can put your weed in there.”

Since the release of that movie, people have been scheming up ways to infuse marijuana into pretty much everything. Some concoctions are pretty cool, while others largely terrible.

One creation that’ll surely have draw many fans comes from Toronto-based baker Jennifer Blakney.

Her marijuana macarons recently took home second place at the esteemed Karma Cup edibles competition.

Here’s a video of her magic macarons:

The eccentric edibles come in a variety of flavours, including lemon, spiced chocolate caramel, matcha, and vanilla.

Now, you should be aware that weed is, of course, not yet legal in Canada, and that edibles are under special scrutiny by Toronto police. While you won’t be able to pick up a batch on your next stroll down Queen Street, you can always slide into the DMs for her “services.”

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